Dr. Smith Testimonial

“When I found out about Yeison’s company, I reviewed his website and was impressed with his previous work. I would describe his craftsmanship as a cross between modern art and functionality. He is an amazing craftsman and very different from the run-of-the-mill woodworker.

Once I hired him for the job, he sat down with me for a long time to try to understand what I wanted. He then upgraded my ideas with some very innovative ideas of his own concerning materials that added depth, lighting and texture to the piece. In the end, he delivered an amazing media cabinet that is unique, beautiful, functional…a work of art.

I am extremely pleased with the quality of his work and the value of his work. Some qualities that I admire in Yeison is his attention to detail, responsiveness and absolute professionalism. I will, undoubtedly, use his company over and over again. I give Yeison my strongest recommendation.”   – 06/2017