Our Work

Being a one-man shop surely makes the creative process to commissioning custom furniture simpler. Yet, the quality of our work never ceases to exceed GREATNESS. Handcrafting furniture does involve a meticulous methodology in order to get custom builds right the first time — but, it’s our tendency for perfection that help surpass YOUR expectations.

Our Creative Process begins with…

The Meet & Greet


Before we begin any project, our main focus is to first and foremost — get to know YOU — This is probably one of the most crucial aspects of commissioning a piece as we learn more about your wants and needs this way. During our initial conversation we brainstorm ideas with you, learn more about your design style, discover the true purpose and functionality of the furniture piece, and finally hash out the details.

The Design & Proposal

Here our passion for imaginative design and inspiration emerges. Once the creative brainstorming session is at play, we move forward with designs, sketches, and renderings of your commissioned piece. Typically 2-3 design concepts are presented to you for additional feedback and revisions. Flexibility is key with custom work as we understand that plans tend to change and new ideas can develop for the better of your space and furniture piece. After a decision has been made on the design direction a proposal is prepared outlining the details, timeline, and pricing of your commissioned piece.

The Prototype or Fabrication


Most of our man hours are spent fabricating your custom furniture piece during this phase, but it’s one we enjoy the most. Many times it’s easier to see a cardboard model of your furniture-to-scale in order to visualize how your commissioned piece will work for your space. This extended service can also be integrated into your project as it will help pinpoint what changes in the design direction (if any) should be taken before the fabrication begins. Depending on your build the fabrication can take up to 4 weeks.

The Delivery & Installation

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During the final stage, we fully inspect your commissioned piece before delivery and installation to make sure all the details are precise and up to par with our “handcrafting quality” standards. Even though some commissioned pieces do require being manufactured with CNC machinery, we inspect, deliver, and install each custom furniture piece with the utmost quality and satisfaction. All deliveries within South Florida Tri-country area (Miami, Broward, Palm Beach) are included in your agreement.